​My reading with Reign was so grounding and affirming. Leading up to my session I had a hard time putting into words what I was needing to ask or inquire about to get the most out of the reading. This tension felt like a blockage but was something I could transparently bring in the space and work through it with the loving and careful guidance of Reign. The reading flowed and was a comfortable space to share. I will hold on to the lessons and messages from this reading for a long time. Tarot messages is a gift that keeps giving because what we receive now can take on a whole new healing message later. Thank you so much!! - Angela

"Reign allowed herself to be led by the ancestors and revealed true confirmations to concerns I had. She was focused and open to my questions. This is the first reading that I experienced as thorough. I'm totally satisfied. However, I'm intrigued enough by Reign's reading to continue this process of deeper understanding." - Glorya

"Reign has such a beautiful energy, I enjoyed her readings. She is very authentic, so involved in her readings that she lost track of the time. I have received a lot of food for thought from her. I am so grateful for the energy she spent for me. I can only recommend her again and again and again!!!!" - Myriam

"Reign is knowledgeable and attentive. She provided so much information and was sure to be inclusive. She went above and beyond in answering my questions and explaining. I wouldn't hesitate to use her services again." - Anonymous

"I find Reign’s tarot readings to be healing, holistic, and incredibly intuitive. I appreciate how they encourage me to trust my intuition throughout the process on what messages I need to receive. That part is really healing because I have a hard time trusting myself sometimes. I also feel that she takes lots of care when conducting this practice as it can definitely be a vulnerable place to be in, and I felt safe and guided, while also being given affirmation that I have the tools needed to make the changes required.


These readings are definitely a part of my self care toolkit now. In moments of spiritual confusion, I feel solace and relief that Reign can open a portal to help me connect with the messages I need to receive." - Monica

"Reign was one of the first people I trusted to read me. She gave me a VERY detailed explanation on the cards and how it pertains to my situation. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be that long so that was honestly a big plus. Everything she said resonated with me and by the end of the reading I knew what was needed to be done. Thank you again!!" - Dialencia

"Reign has a calming, centering, and open spirit. Even though she knew my life situation personally, she was still able to respond to the cards in an unbiased way without pushing interpretations. I was able to feel much more at ease with the decisions I was facing." - Kris

"AfroLiberatedTaste's tarot reading, is a whole hug in one reading. It truly helps recenter the world you are trying to achieve with whimsical affirmations anchored by high spirits and welcoming energy. I felt safe and heard, although I was the one listening" - Rasha