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About Me:

She/They | Leo Sun | Plant-Based | Sleep Enthusiast

About me

Hey there! I'm Reign, a Central Florida (Seminole & Timucua land) based activist, content creator, intuitive tarot reader, and foodie. AfroLiberatedTaste is the culmination of a multi-angled approach to smash white supremacy and it's effects on all of us by helping individuals and organizations to discover their potential to create transformational change. 

Growing up Black, femme, queer, and plant based, I struggled to make sense of my identities. My activism, graduate study, and personal commitment to growth have made all the difference in my approach to identifying and clapping back at institutions that seek to strip our power.


Over the last 10 years, I have worked for and volunteered with local, statewide, and national grassroots organizations. I hold my M.A. in Communication with concentrations in critical media, race, and cultural studies, Black feminist thought, and interpersonal communication. I also hold my B.A. in Sociology with a concentration in inequality and social justice. 

My experience both within and outside academia includes anti-racism and decolonization consulting, facilitation and public speaking, research, conference planning, publishing, content creation, and intuitive tarot. 


My Approach to Healing:

I began practicing tarot 2 years ago when I began seeing my ability to connect with myself as important as my ability to connect with my community. I understood more and more how white supremacy has stripped so many of us from our inner knowing, our inner compass, and what it might mean to reclaim personal power.


I believe in creating an empowering experience with those I read for by exploring the past and present in order to help manifest our future goals. Treating the cards as "fortune tellers", does no justice to honor the wisdom and source power we all hold. My readings are best received when viewed as a mirror to your own intuition, my role is to support and guide you in the process. 



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