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Meet Reign

About me

Reign (she/they) is a seasoned social justice advocate specializing in plant-based education, strategic communication, and intuitive tarot. With a unique perspective as a Black, queer, and woman advocate, she empowers leaders and advocates to bridge the gap between animal and racial justice movements and brings psychic healing and social justice advocacy into her extensive experience as a tarot reader. 


Since launching Afro Liberated Taste in 2019, Reign’s content has reached tens of thousands of people. Her project portfolio includes event planning and participation, public speaking, justice centered facilitation, social media management, fundraising, and writing. Reign has collaborated with content creators, small businesses, educational institutions and more such as Veggie Mijas, Afro Vegan Society, Vegetarians of Central Florida, QLatinx, and Valencia College.


As a psychic healer and social justice advocate Reign offers a unique approach to supporting change-makers on their journey towards personal development and healing. Reign is committed to promoting change through her work using a keen intuitive sense and a deep understanding of social justice issues to empower both BIPOC and white individuals in their pursuit of growth and transformation.


Reign's combined expertise and embodied identities make her an ideal partner for those seeking to make a difference in movements and achieve greater clarity, purpose, and alignment with their goals.

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